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08/29/05- Click here to see the piece from Billboard magazine.

08/08/05- Go buy this weeks addition of Billboard magazine!! There's a little paragraph about us and a picture in the Now Hear This section on page 48. P.S. Shindig returns on September 7th.

06/12/05- More pics from Coachella have just been added.

05/20/05- Check out the Bio/Press section to read a whole bunch of new reviews.

05/18/05- Sorry for the delay... California was amazing, it started out a little rough with some technical difficulties in the beginning of our set at the Troubadour but we pulled through and ended up having a blast. We drove out to Indio, CA the following day and partied at Frank Sinatra's house (no kidding). Free alcohol, food, massages, and clothing insured a great time. Early the next morning we drove over to the festival and hung out for a bit then at 12:30pm we went on and played for roughly 1800 people. It was incredible. Thanks to Nate, Henry, and Magnus (the coolest Norwegian ever check his website out) for driving us all around California. Pictures are up in the photo section. New shows to be posted shortly.

04/01/05- Shindig #4 was on pace to be the biggest and best one yet until some uninvited guests claiming to be the NYPD and the NYFD decided we were having too much fun and made us end the party prematurely (3 or 4 songs into Something For Rockets rocking set)... We didn't even get to play but the bands that did were awesome and thanks to them and all the artists for their great work. AND thanks to all of you guys who came by, we're very sorry your fun was cut short... Anyway, pictures from Shindig and the little after party at Franco, Mark, and Kelsey's house are up on the photo page. Again we're sorry and we love you.

P.S. On another note a few days ago a segment on SxSW aired on MTV News which included a few clips of us playing... AWESOME!

03/22/05- SxSW was an amazing experience... We played a great show, saw some great shows, met a whole bunch of new people, and hung out with a bunch of old friends... good fucking times... check out the pictures on the photo page, there's a lot!

03/03/05- More pics from Shindig! #3 have been added... Check 'em out.

02/25/05- Another amazing Shindig! has come and gone and the pics are up to prove it... go check 'em out on the photo page along with pictures from our 2/11 show at the Knitting Factory. Thanks to all the bands, artists, and people who make Shindig! awesome every time. And if you haven't seen it yet the NME wrote a little something about Shindig!...look.

02/14/05- Shindig! 2 pics are up... Shindig! 3 announced.

01/22/05- After the success of the first Shindig! it was hard to imagine it getting any better but the second Shindig! shattered expectations. Around 300 people were on hand to bare witness to the newest and best party in NYC. Thanks to the Art Shop Boys, Five O'clock Heroes, the Go Station, Stalkers, Audra from, and all the people who came and made it possible. WE LOVE YOU ALL. pictures will come soon. In other new we've got an ALL AGES show lined up in the city, FINALLY. check it out above. Good bye then.

12/29/04- Pictures from the first ever Shindig! are now up in the Aud/Vid section. Check out more pics from Shindig! at Captive Canvas.

12/04/04- The first ever Shindig! party was a huge success... Over 200 people attended and enjoyed awesome music and artwork. Thanks to the Artshop Boys for helping us pull the whole thing together and we'd also like to thank all the great bands that played and most especially the people who came. We're already at work planning next month's Shindig! Pictures will be up shortly.

11/11/04- New pics are up from the California tour and some other shows... Check 'em out on the aud/vis page.

10/20/04- The Sexy Magazines were played on the k-rock's (92.3FM) Domestic Disturbance this past Sunday and we'd very much like to get played again, however, we can write only so many phony request e-mails... So do your part wouldya? Even if you didn't hear it the first time or if you don't even live in or around New York email k-rock (at and tell 'em how much you love The Sexy Magazines and that you wanna keep hearing us ... WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT PEOPLE. LOVE YOU. TSM

P.S. Check out this awesome review of our show in Pomona: Click Here

09/29/04- The Sexy Magazines are one of seven featured artists on this week. If you're on myspace add us: Click Here

09/28/04- New pics from the Northsix show in the photo section and checkout these links for more pics of us by Mike Frigerio and Dorothy Lee: 1. 2.

09/22/04- DAMN! I don''t think I i've ever seen so many people at Continental, Sunday's show was awesome... Big thanks to the River City Rebels and go buy their new disc it kicks ass and the Mags sang some back up on it.

09/16/04- Rest In Peace Johnny Ramone

08/23/04- Awesome shows in New Jersey and Brooklyn over the weekend. Just added pics from Little Steven's so check 'em out. Also, be sure to watch Craig Kilborn tonight as our own Marc E. Guitarplayer continues to fill in on bass for the Mooney Suzuki.

08/06/04- Click here to enter to win 2 tickets to the Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival. Also From today untill Monday the Sex•Murder•Music EP can be heard in its entirety on the site... so go to the music page and listen if you don't already have it. Good day sirs and madames.

07/29/04- For those of you who don't know yet, Marc E. Guitarplayer of the Sexy Magazines has been helping out our friends The Mooney Suzuki by playing bass for them while they search for a new bass player. Today Marc leaves for Japan to play at a festival over there so wish him luck... e-mail him at On another note a shitload of new pics have been added to the site so head on over to the photo section and check 'em out.

07/12/04- The EP is now available at the following locations: Wowsville on 2nd Ave Btw. St. MArks and 7th St., Mondo Kim's on St. Marks Btw. 2nd and 3rd, Tower Records on Broadway and 4th St. (for real this time), Tower Records in Cambridge, Mass. So if you don't wanna/can't buy it onnline or at our shows head to one of those locations.

07/8/04- Oh mother another catastrophe!!!! Saturday's show left a bad taste in everyone's mouth as it ended after only two songs due to a dislocated shoulder sustained by Mr. Franco V. After a long, boring, and painful visit to the emergency room morphine was administered and the shoulder was popped back into place. The final diagnosis was some ligaments were torn and possibly a rotator cuff, however, those stingy fuckers didn't even give any pain killers to take home. What does this all mean? It means absolutely nothing our shows with The Mooney Suzuki will still take place as planned... Just be prepared to not see as much action from Franco's left arm, however, his right arm WILL be working extra hard to compensate. Pictures from the ambulance ride as well as from inside the ER are on the way... Take care will you.

06/16/04- JUST ANNOUNCED!!! Minitour of the Northeast with The Mooney Suzuki. We'll be hittin' up Philliy, DC, Baltimore, New Haven, Boston, and Providence. See you there.

06/01/04- BEHOLD!!! THE SEX•MURDER•MUSIC EP IS NOW AVAILABLE. CHECK THE MERCH SECTION. Also: The final mastered version of Take Some Time is now up for all to hear. SO FUCKIN' HEAR IT. Next, we've put up some of the photos from the photo shoot for the back of the EP, so go check out the photo page in the aud/vis section. We'll talk again soon lovelies, till next time...

05/24/04- I hope May is finding you nice and ready for June. We here at the Sexy Magazines are preparing some fun activities for the lot of ya. More shows will be posted soon as well as some additions to the website. Oh and I almost forgot SEX•MURDER•MUSIC is on the way babies. Look for a June 1st release and we might do an internet presale thing if we can get our acts together. Check back with urgent frequency. Good day.

04/22/04- All righty right folks... I've got us some good news and I've got us some baaaaad news. The bad newS is that we unfortunately had to cancel our May 7th show with Apocalypstik at Continental. The reason being, which, funny enough happens to also be the good news is that we, that is ThEE Sexy Magazines have been offered a string, no, a rope of shows with none other than The Mooney Suzuki... Naturally we obliged. SOOOO May will see us in a few new places, not too far frombut not too close to (breathe) home. Check the shows above for more details. We are The Sexy Magazines and we LOOOOOVE YOU.

03/25/04- Hell-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Last night we played a fun-filled, action-packed, totally AWWsome show at Don Hills... Don't believe me???? Check out a review here. Also check out some video clips from our show at Continental on Feb. 22nd 2004 here. Do it now motherfuckers and we'll talkietalk again later.

03/12/04- Somebody tell California to get ready... Cause the end of April will see the Sexy Magazines out West for a a good old fashioned invasion as we overtake theTroubador for a one night only tutorial on what New York rock is all about. Its only a matter of time now friends...

03/08/04- Forget your manners... this is BAD AFTERNOON. As a drippy-wet rain falls from OUR sky, I take it upon myself to brighten your day, Thank me later, for today I bring you, friends, a roughly mixed version of our song Take Some Time. Go to the music page PRONTO to delight your ears and fill yourselves with aural joy. Till next time...

02/25/04- OOOOOHHHHH yes... New pics have been posted at the "Visuals" section friends.... Shots from our October 25th 2003 show at Continental as well as pics from Feb. 15th, 2004 at Sin-é are now for show... for sure. Rest Easy.

02/12/04- What a wonderful day in the neighborhood, wouldn't you A-gree??? To all our fellow New YOrkers.. GO pick up a copy of New York Waste to see a full page of photographs from our show at Don Hills... To the rest of you (and to all those who are just to fuckin' lazy to go out and get a copy) the pics have been posted on the "Visuals" page. All rightyroo... thats it. Have a pleasent Thursday evening.

01/20/04- Greetings wild ones... how does the day find you? Good to hear... check out the new "Visual" section for some "in the studio" "shots", as well as all the "Old" photographs. I believe thats all for now... Enjoy the cold.

12/11/03- Hello my dear friends... The Sexy Magazines WILL be playing two more shows before we head into the studio for a bit to RECORD a new ep. I am confident that you will not be disappointed with the forthcoming record... It will be nothing short of spectacular. The track listing is still somewhat up in the air but we will reach high and grab the best ones. Guaranteed. The possibilities are: Sex•Murder•Music, War Baby (and the Ambiguous Bible), There You Go Again (possible title change), Take Some Time, Me Me Me, and a slim possibility of a new one entitled We're Not Friends Till We Fight that you've never heard. There is no release date set as of yet but we're thinkin' sometime in February Thats all for now pals... We shall keep you posted... till then, hold your breath.

10/29/03- Here's a little blurb from Whiperin & Hollerin about our show at Jone's Beach with Iggy Pop:

I'm not wanting to forget New York's Sexy Magazines, who played in the plaza outside the coliseum between sets. They blasted away in classic Dolls-glampunk glory, fun, good and loud, and it's been some time since I've seen a lead singer in mascara playing good music.

10/09/03 (Post Script)- Check out the pha...pha...pha..photographs just posted from our show at Jones Beach with Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Sonic Youth, and Thursday. See 'em on the past shows page.

10/09/03- FRIENDS AND FRIENDS OF FRIENDS WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE RETURN OF THE SEXY MAGAZINES. We hope we weren't away for to long... We're back now and in fine form, I introduce to you now our new guitarist, Casey Smith... a fine guitar player he is. With that I bring you our first show in two months time... As part of CMJ's Music Marathon in NYC we will be playing at Tobacco Road, come watch... You will not be dissapointed. 'Till next time... GOOD DAY.

08/23/03- Well folks, thats it for the summer of 2003... A not too terribly hard 15 shows in 11 weeks. With the end of the summer I am verry happy to say that we have gained many new fans and at the same time, I am very very sad to announce the departure of our long time friend and guitarist Ian Millican. Ian has chosen a different path and will no longer be playing with us, however, Ian will always and forever be a member of The Sexy Magazines. His endless contributions to the band will never be forgotten, we are all terribly sad to see him go but it was something he had to do and we know he wlll be successful in all and any of his future endevours. Ian We love you and will miss you greatly, you are as good a friend as you are a guitarist, and your guitar skills are unmatched. With that, The Sexy Magazines will open a new chapter... one that has yet to be unfolded, as our search for a new guitarist begins we can only hope to improve... who will it be?... who will it be? The next few months should prove to be quite exciting for us... as we search for our newest member and head in to the studio to record an EP. Stay with us friends. We love you.

07/05/03- Happy 5th of July.

06/29/03- Its a sunny sunny SUNday in New York as I write to you my friends... Today I bring you news of the new pictures of us at our June 17th show at CBGBs that can be viewed on the Past Shows page... So go check them out. We will soon be announcing a bunch more shows in both July and August so sit tight... and I do mean tight, nighty night.

06/12/03- HOW DOOOOOOOO YOU DO? Our past two shows at CBs went really really really well and we seem to be finding quite a few bright new faces as the shows come... and go. I'm pleased to say that on Thursday June 19th we will venture across the beautiful East River for our FIRST show ever in wonderful Brooklyn, New York. Its at the Southpaw and its sponsored by The Onion newspaper and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (its gonna be on-special all night) . NOW NOW NOW... I MUST GO... YES... I MUST... GO...GO GO GO.

06/05/03- Hi Hi Hi there ladies AND gentlemen... Knitting Factory was fun fun fun, we had a good old fashioned good time... Thanks to all who came and made it rock. On to the next order of business... Our last show at CBGB's this month has been changed from the 26th of June to THE 27TH...note that change and be on your way. Tonight, as you MAY or MAY not have noticed we are playing the first show in a line of four at CBGB's... It will be good... It WILL be good. We're currently in the process of booking shows for the month of July so be patient... they WILL come. MUCH LOVE MEN, MUCH LOVE WOMEN...ONWARD...

05/05/03- Our demo can now be purchased at Wowsville Record Store in New York City on 2nd Ave btw. 7th Street and St. Marks Place. It can also be found for a very limited time at Tower Records (Until they find out that its on the shelf... here's a pic) HAHAHA...SUCKERS. Hey, you should also note, my dear dear friends, that we will be playing a show at the Knitting Factory on May 29th... see above for details... G'NIGHT SWEETYPIES...

05/03/03- Hi Hi Hi there, in other news we've changed around some of the CBGBs shows to better suit our musical savy, shall we say... WE SHALL... Wednesday June 11th and Tuesday June 17th have been added while Thursday June 12th and Thursday June 19th have been SUBTRACTED. To avoid being subtracted yourself be sure to show up at all the SHOWS. BE SAFE, PLAY IN TRAFFIC... I WILL WRITE AGAIN!!!

04/10/03- Posters are now available, go to the merch page. Oh, and join the new mailing list.


04/05/03- Kurt Cobain

04/01/03- The four shows listed above are the first shows booked so far for a summer that will see The Sexy Magazines playing many many many shows throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and wherever else we can play. So stay tuned for more shows to be listed soon. As for the demo, friends, we should be recieving the final copies by the end of THIS week, yes, this week. It'll be available fo' sale in the amount of time it takes to set up an online store thing, I can promise you that. SO LONG SO LONG, TILL NEXT TIME, STAY WELL.

03/24/03- I'd Be Myself has been added to the music page LISTEN TO IT NOW!! ONE SAYS YES, TWO SAYS NO, THREE DON'T TALK... THREE JUST KNOWS. Good BYE.

03/11/03- Today we gave our cd to be pressed, printed, and duplicated, we'll have the finished sum in the opening days of April... be anxious, we're proud of our work. We cut it down to only three songs, for, upon consulting the most expert of opinions we found that only three of the tracks were truely worthy of being placed on plastic. HOWEVER... A clip from I'd Be Myself will be posted shortly on the website, as I'm sure you have noticed the empty link on the music page... worry not, it will be filled. Tip your hat, 'till your hat don't tip no more and GOOD DAY to you all.

02/27/03- My Favorite Girl and Things Fall Apart can now also be heard on the music page. It seems as though the song When You're Mad will not be put on the demo... the final list is looking like: My Favorite Girl, Man O' Man, Things Fall Apart, I'd Be Myself.

02/24/03- Hear the new recording of Man O' Man on the music page. More songs from the new demo will be added in the coming days... Be prepared. We've recently decided that My Favorite Girl will also be on the demo, we're not sure though, whether or not to replace another song with it or just put five songs on the cd... oh the decisions to be made... Also, check out the new Forum.

02/18/03- Well the demo is coming along slowly but surely, it's in the final mixing stages. On the disc will be: Man O' Man (new vesion), When You're Mad, I'd Be Myself, and Things Fall Apart (Old Version). This list, of course, is subject to change but it is looking like this will be the one. Now we just have to finish mixing, get copies made, and figure out the most cost effective way to sell it through the site. It will not be much longer...hopefully

01/13/03- Ok, first off, happy new year to everyone. Second... We weren't very happy with how the demo came out, we simply didn't have enough time in that studio to get what we needed done. So we took matters in to our own hands and decided to redo them yet again... on our own. We spent many long nights tracking and we're satisfied with the immediate results, however, Marc still has to lay down his guitar tracks and then it all has to be mixed. So be patient, media in the form of compact discs with our music on them will be available shortly.

12/16/02- Check out the past shows page to see some new pictures of us playing. On thursday we're going back to the studio to finish mixing the tracks for our demo. So as soon as we get that done we'll get copies made and you'll be able to get one. Just be patient.

12/01/02- Hear the song that is played before we go on stage; our theme song: We Are. At the music page.

11/30/02- The show at CBGBs was awesome, we love playing there.

11/29/02- The Irving Plaza show went over very well. We wanna give a big thanks to Kelly Osbourne for letting us open for her.

11/20/02- We tracked three songs in the studio (Man O' Man, Things Fall Apart, and When You're Mad), we're just waiting to mix them now. As soon as we do that we're gonna get copies made and they'll be available through the website in a few weeks. That's if everything goes according to plan of course, which, things have a tendency of not doing sometimes.

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11/02-We will be heading in to the studio to rerecord our demo on November 10th. Wish us luck.

10/02-Hear our newest recording, My Favorite Girl, on the Music page. Also you can now hear the full version of Man O' Man.

9/02-Take a look at the Past Shows page and see pics of us playing.

9/02-Check out the new Forum, you guys can talk to each other about whatever the hell you want, preferably us.

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