Surf Dudes With Attitudes

You like Rock Music? We play rock Music. We are The Sexy Magazines. But we weren’t always The Sexy Magazines…

At some point between the years 1999 and 2000, in New York City, Franco and Brion, two life-long friends since the tender age of three, decided that "just maybe" they should start making some music. Brion, a guitar player at the time, decided to shift his focus to the drums, while Franco played guitar and sang.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the proverbial "tracks", Marc and Mark were playing bass and guitar (respectively) and both singing in an out of control cover band called "The End." Ian was hard at work perfecting his guitar chops.

Together, Franco and Brion worked on songs that Franco had written, thus paving the way for what would someday become The Sexy Magazines. Under the ever-terrible name "The Illegally Blind" the duo continued working on songs with hopes of enlisting more members as soon as possible.

Franco had befriended Ian back in middle school, as they shared an avid interest in both guitars and music in general. After having lost touch for a few years, it was at a mutual friend’s get-together that Franco and Ian were reunited. Franco and Brion agreed that Ian would be the perfect addition to the band, and they told Ian, "Ian, you would be the perfect addition to the band." Ian agreed with this assertion, and happily accepted the invitation.

Marc and Franco had met on several occasions, and, joined by their awkward senses of humor and a creative bond, the two eventually became pals. Franco made a habit of asking Marc to join the band. Finally upon hearing some of the songs, particularly "Man O’ Man", Marc enthusiastically became the fourth member. The band was complete, although it was still missing someone, so I suppose, then, it wasn’t complete. Marc wanted to take a break from bass and pick up an axe. After a brief stint as a lumberjack he decided to play guitar, which left the band without a bass player. Enter: Mark Sanger, Marc Eskenazi’s long-time friend and former band-mate. Mark had a great ability to pick up songs quickly and contribute musically. All they needed now, was a name.

In late 2003 Ian decided to pursue his college career and left the band, a little bit later in 2003 The Sexy Magazines acquired Casey Smith; who along with marc is our current guitarist.

The Sexy Magazines play a ferocious blend of rock and punk with bits of surf thrown in for good measure. Think Iggy Pop meets Nirvana by way of the Ramones. Their high energy brand of Rock N’ Roll is loaded with melodies that will have you hooked instantly but are played with enough aggression to make your ears bleed. The live shows are manic and the aggressive nature of the music is only enhanced by the raucous stage show that will have audiences just as exhausted as the band by the end… All without sacrificing the irresistible hooks and melodies.